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Brands/Companies R - Z

Reward See Del Monte Pet Products

Royal Canin

  • SOME PRODUCTS RECALLED. See company website for information on exact products recalled.

Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine

  • Only brand is Rudy Greens
  • Food is made at FB3 Development in Louisville, KY, which is a food incubator with FDA and USDA approval and documentation. Owner participates in the manufacturing process.
  • No products contain glutens of any kind.

  • No products contain rice protein.
  • No ingredients are from China.
  • USDA meats, vegetables, and grains are USDA certified for human consumption.
  • They do not private label for other companies.
  • Individually

Sheba See Mars Pet Food

Skippy See Del Monte Pet Products

Sojourner Farms Pet Foods

  • Brands include Sojos, Monzies, Good Dog and Sojourner Farms
  • Foods are manufactued at their own plant in Minnesota
  • They use only human-quality ingredients.
  • Locally-grown grains - Wheat & Corn free dog foods, no wheat gluten
  • Individually owned company (no parent company)
Solid Gold Health Food for Pets
  • Only brand is Solid Gold
  • No products made by Menu Foods
  • Dry food made by Diamond, in Meta, Mo and Lathrop, CA
  • Canned foods are made by Simmons (was Blue Sky Pet Foods) - updated Dec., 2008
  • We have no wheat gluten, nor rice protein concentrate. We use only whole unprocessed grains or bran, not gluten.
  • With 3 exceptions, all ingredients are from domestic sources. Lamb comes from New Zealand, tuna is caught & canned offshore, and the potato protein in the Barking at the Moon high performance food comes from Europe.
  • Company is individually owned by the founder of Solid Gold, Sissy McGill. (no parent company)


  • No products made my Menu foods
  • Manufactured by Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc.
  • All products manufactured in US at company-owned manufacturing facilities
  • Products contain no wheat gluten
  • Ingredients come from US suppliers where possible (i.e. Lamb Meal from New Zealand or Australia and Flaxseed from Canada). Exceptions may be made when US ingredients are not available.
  • Rigorous testing is performed due to finished product being exported to other countries

Spot's Stew - See Halo, Purely for Pets

Stella and Chewy's

  • Made exclusively from human-grade free-range meats, ground bones, and fresh organic vegetables.
  • Manufactured in their own plant in Wisconsin
  • 100% grain free.

Steve's Real Food, Inc.

  • Menu Food does not manufacture any product for Steve's Real Food,Inc.
  • All ingredients are 100% grown in the USA.
  • We also use only 100% human grade ingredients that are 100% USDA inspected. This includes raw meats, fruits, vegetables & functional foods (all ingredients).
  • Foods are hormone free, antibiotic free, pesticide free, chemical free, and gluten free

Summit - See Petcurean Pet Nutrition

Three Dog Bakery

  • Only brand is Three Dog Bakery
  • We manufacture all of our treats and none of our food relates to the recall.
  • Ingredients are 100% domestic. No foreign suppliers or manufacturers.
  • We source our vitamins here in the United States. We have investigated where our suppliers source their ingredients. None of our ingredients are sourced from China.
  • Foods contain no glutens of any kind.
  • Rice protein used is 100% US human quality.
  • Three Dog Bakery, Kansas City, MO. (no parent company)

Editor's Note: I contacted Three Dog Bakery to ask about the label on We Pity the Kitties that says "Product of China." The package also has a label that says "100% Wild Alaskan Salmon. Caught in Alaska and shipped to be freeze-dried and packaged in China." I was told that the "product of China" statement is required of customs even though the product is only packaged there and not actually a product of China.

Tiki Pet Foods by Petropics

  • Only brand is Tiki Cat Premium Wild Caught Seafood
  • Foods manufactured in a privately owned Thailand human cannery
  • All ingredients come from Thailand including raw materials such as rice.
  • Products do not contain wheat glutens of any kind or rice protein concentrate.
  • All products contain all-natural ingredients including added vitamins & minerals manufactured in a human cannery.
  • All products contain no by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • All products made with whole meat formulas.
  • Individually owned company (no parent company).

Timber Wolf Organics

  • We have a privately owned manufacturer in the Northeast. Our owner is very passionate about our formulas and we are the only ones who use them.
  • We do not private label for other companies.
  • We use US regulated suppliers only.
  • Our products are 100% free of gluten, wheat gluten, yellow corn, soy, and animal by-products.
  • Products do not contain rice protein concentrate.
  • We do not sell any other brands.
  • We are privately owned. Our office is in Central Florida and the owner is here with us daily.
  • For more information contact Timberwolf Organics, Inc. at 407-877-8779 or email customer.support@timberwolforganics.com
Trader Joe's
  • Wet food manufactured by Menu Foods but not involved in recall. As a precaution, they are recalling all canned foods.

Tuffy's Pet Food

  • Brands include Tuffy's Pet Food, Supreme Pet Foods, Natural Planet, Organics, Nutrisource
  • They manufacture their own foods.
  • No foreign suppliers or products are used.
  • All ingredients are domestic.
  • We use corn gluten meal in our Nutrisource puppy and Nutrisource senior dry dog food. Corn gluten comes from Minnesota and Iowa.
  • Products do not contain rice protein concentrate.
  • Tuffy's Pet Food is privately owned by KLN Industries in Perham, MN.

VeRUS Pet Foods

  • VeRUS Pet Foods is their only brand.
  • No products made my Menu foods.
  • Dry products manufactured by Eagle Pack.
  • Wet products manufactured by Merrick.
  • All ingredients come from the US, except for New Zealand lamb.
  • No products contain wheat gluten. However, cat food contains corn gluten.
  • VeRUS is an individually owned company (no parent company).

Wellness - See Old Mother Hubbard

Whiskas See Mars Pet Food

Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value

  • When asked, they would neither admit or deny that Menu Foods is their manufacturer - the name(s) of their manufacturer(s)
    is "confidential."
  • "Raw ingredient that caused the illnesses reported was not being used in our products."
  • Menu Foods is used for 2 canned products but not involved in recall. These are Au Jus (chicken, duck, turkey, NOT rabbit) and Stew & Gravy (beef & chicken)
  • All other foods manufactured in their own facilities (2 factories) in the US.
  • No wheat gluten is used in their products.
  • All products are from the US

ZiwiPeak, Ltd.
  • Ziwi
    Peak is their only brand.
  • All ingredients are from NZ except chicory which is from Europe. We audit all our suppliers.
  • No gluten of any kind is used in any of their products.
  • No rice protein is used in any of their products.
  • Standard tests carried out in NZ show melamine, cyanuric acid, & acetaminophen are not present in the feeds given to animals that are used for their meat, fish and poultry products.
  • Ziwi Peak, Ltd. does not manufacture private labels for other companies.
  • Ziwi Peak, Ltd. is indiviually owned. (ZiwiPeak is manufactured in New Zealand by a company that has until recently been called Wilderness Foods Ltd. For consistency it has just been renamed ZiwiPeak Ltd.)


Links to their websites have been provided when possible.

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